Official Super Bowl Matchup Prediction: Rams v Patriots

Although a two-seed vs two-seed matchup in the Super Bowl seems unlikely given recent trend and the amount of hype around the one-seeds, the pick makes perfect sense. Our roster rankings produced these two teams as the best two rosters in the playoffs, and these two teams are staffed with top-tier coaching staffs. Sean McVay is probably the best offensive coach in football, and Bill Belichick is the best overall coach in football.

For this to happen, the Rams would have to defeat the Saints in New Orleans and the Patriots would have to defeat the Chiefs in Kansas City, assuming they both reach the next round. This is difficult because they are both some of the best homefield advantages in the NFL. However, this is entirely possible because these teams have incredible rosters and top-tier coaching. The Rams are also the 3rd best team on the road this season. The Patriots are significantly lower on the list, but New Orleans is also has more of a homefield advantage than KC; this also factors in that KC already lost to New England.

This set of playoff teams have the closest skill-gap in recent memory. Literally any team can make the Super Bowl this year; that’s what makes football so special, and what makes January and Early February beautiful in the world of sports.


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