NFL Week 6 Doubles

This week has been especially busy for me, but I will make it up next week by returning to picking every game and give great DFS analysis as well. But for this week, 2 picks is all I noted as having great potential.

Kansas City at New England | Winner: New England -3.5

The Patriots are undefeated against rookie QBs in Foxborough. Also, the average temperature that the Chiefs have played in has been 71 degrees. During this game, the temperatures are expected to get as low as 45 degrees. We’ve seen with lower temperatures such as against the Broncos, the Chiefs have been returned to Earth a bit. KC is ranked slightly higher in offensive DVOA, but the Patriots rank significantly higher in scoring defense and defensive DVOA.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta | Over 57

These two teams are scoring a combined 54.6 points per game, and they are giving up a combined 67.4 points per game. These two similarly constructed teams are going to take advantage of each other’s defenses, and it will be a high scoring game.

PWA (Picks Without Analysis)

Buffalo at Houston | Under 40

Averaged DVOA offense rank – 27.5

Averaged DVOA defense rank – 4.5

Pittsburgh at Cincinatti | Over 49.5

Averaged DVOA offense rank – 7.5

Averaged DVOA defense rank – 18

Carolina at Washington | Over 44.5

Averaged DVOA offense rank – 16

Averaged DVOA defense rank – 25

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