NFL Week 1 Picks Review

You could call it a decent week at 8-6-1, but I’m always trying to improve and will look to improve upon these results next week.

Now, I’m going to take a look at the 6 losses I had and try to offer some of my analysis as to why it didn’t go as I predicted.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland: This was a game full of surprises, but people could see my pick’s validity through most of the game. Pittsburgh just blew it at the end. I’m not making excuses, just displaying that it really could have gone either way and it was a very close game (obviously; it ended in a tie).

Tennessee at Miami: Who knew Miami would be able to play like that? They seemed like a team that could potentially even make the playoffs in the weaker AFC; however, it’s just one game. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes for them.

San Francisco at Minnesota: The entire game seemed to be in demonstrative favor for the Vikings. They were seemingly in Garropolo’s head and altering his play considerably. Yet, with all of these clear facts of Vikings dominance, they still only won by 8. That is why I believe the 49ers have a top-15 roster in this league. A top 15 roster with extraordinary coaching—which the 49ers have—can produce considerable results in this league. Obviously their roster isn’t as strong as the Vikings’, but they can still contend for a wildcard spot.

Houston at New England: Off a similar note to the Vikings game, the Pats seemed to be in complete domination throughout the game. Deshaun Watson looked horrific, and it seemed as if he wasn’t getting any help from his O-line, receivers, or defense. With all of these factors, they still only lost by 7. That explains that if they were even a little more on their game, they could have covered the spread of 6; however, this is a game of inches, and arguing hypotheticals is fruitless.

Dallas at Carolina: I know it’s just the first game of the season, but this first game of the season for the cowboys bordered on dysfunction. Zeke only got 15 carries. Really? He was averaging 4.6 yards per carry this game. The Cowboys are 19-4 when Elliot rushes for over 80 yards, and they decide to not run him when he seems to be having a good game. He should have 15 carries in the first half.

NY Jets at Detroit: Hey, I did say a blowout was possible….just for Detroit. Ok let’s not talk about this game.

8-6-1. I will look to improve my analytical strategies and give great picks for my viewers.


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