NFL Playoff Team Rankings – Top 5 Teams in the Playoffs

Ranking every NFL Team Based on roster strength, also providing analysis as to their likeliness to make the Superbowl. Note: This is not a ranking of likeliness to win the Superbowl; this is merely ranking the rosters, which isn’t everything in football. 

1. Patriots

I feel as if the Patriots are the most under-hyped 2 seeds in recent memory. I think it’s because of all the surrounding “bling” in the conference. You have Patrick Mahomes and the spectacular, unstoppable offense; there’s Deshaun Watson with his flashy legs and connection with Deondre Hopkins; then there’s the media’s new favorite toy: Lamar Jackson. These are all flashy distractions that take away from another first round bye for the Patriots. Not only do they have the experience, but they also have the roster surrounding Brady. Our roster rankings actually ranked them as having the best roster in the playoffs. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the Patriots suddenly heat up in the playoffs and make another Superbowl.

2. Rams

One issue plaguing this team is the lack of a homefield advantage. Recent Superbowl teams have usually had distinctively passionate fanbases (or a good combination of cold weather) that contributed to their runs. However, this team is so supremely talented, and staffed with so many great football minds that making the Superbowl is very likely for this squad. Todd Gurley is the key to their success, and he’s getting lots of time to rest for their divisional game. When the Rams get the run going, that is when they truly become unstoppable.

3. Chiefs

The Chiefs have some of the most dangerous weapons in football, and they have the perfect QB to match the strengths of the team. The strong arm and the speedster is a combination that will invariably scare defensive coordinators. They also have the best TE in football, and a collection of good complementary receivers. On the defensive side of the ball, they have an adept pass rush, capable of keeping leads. The main priority of the Chiefs has to be opening with a strong lead, and then letting their pass rush clean up on the pass-heavy offense that will ensue from the other team.

4. Eagles

This may seem like a disappointing season for the reigning Superbowl champions, this season actually contained both excitement and disappointment, ups and downs, and culminated in week 17 to making the playoffs in dramatic fashion with help from the Bears. They have top-5 offensive and defensive lines in the league. This combination alone makes them incredibly dangerous, as controlling the trenches is the key to winning.  They also have a man with a particularly large, massive, and grandiose *knowledge of football*, Nick Foles.

5. Saints

Yes, I’m ranking the Saints 5th out of all teams in the playoffs. This is mainly due to the structure of their roster. They are incredibly top-heavy. Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara have gotten over 53% of their total targets this season, and they have gotten over 58% of their targets in the redzone. It is questionable whether this can be sustainable against top-tier defenses. Of course, they have Drew Brees leading them and Peyton as their head coach, so you can never count them out. Especially with their home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

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