NFL 2019-2020 Week 2 Picks

Buffalo -2 @ Giants

This is a difficult matchup. The Bills and Giants have similarly strengthed offensive lines, but the Bills have a better defensive line in both run stopping and pass rushing (have an even more significant advantage in pass rush). The Bills also have a significantly better secondary. The Bills have a better Gameday Collective ARQ rating, and a competent coaching staff.

Miami +19 vs New England

In the past 6 games in Miami, New England is 1-5, which is extremely surprising. This game could very well be 70-0 or 7-10 because crazy things happen in Miami, which is why I’m taking the 19 points, closing my eyes, and praying because New England is obviously the better team by possibly the largest margin in any NFL game ever.

Jaguars +9 @ Texans

The Jaguars have a better offensive line than the Texans and a significantly better secondary. The defensive lines are similar (with a slight edge to Houston), which makes me think this game will be closer than 9 points.

Green Bay -2.5 vs Minnesota

Green Bay has better O-line, surprisingly similar defensive lines, and Green Bay has an improved defense. And yes, Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers.

Lions +1.5 vs Chargers

The Lions have significant advantage in offensive line, relatively even defensive line in terms of pass-rush and run stopping balance, and without Derwin James, who the Chargers have based their entire defense around, the secondary is porous.

49ers -1 at Bengals

SF has a significant advantage in offensive line play, relatively even defensive lines, and I think they have the overall better team with better coaching.

Steelers -4 vs Seahawks

Steelers have a significant advantage in offensive line and defensive line play. The Steelers also have better receivers. I think this game is going to be dependent on the play in the trenches, and the Steelers have the advantage in both lines.

Titans -3 vs Colts

Readers of my site would know that I absolutely love the Titans this year, but I also love the Colts. But without Andrew Luck, I think one of the best rosters in the league this year takes the game by 3 at home.

Cowboys -6 @ Redskins

The Cowboys have an advantage in QB (yes, they do), offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, secondary, receivers, running backs, and coaching. I was surprised that the spread was only 6 points.

Ravens -13 vs Cardinals

I love Lamar Jackson (he was my favorite QB of that draft), and I love the entire Ravens team. He has a great young receiver in Hollywood Brown, and he defense is fantastic (I thought their D coordinator should have gotten a head coaching position over even Vic Fangio). The Cardinals offensive line is porous, and any young QB would already struggle against that defense. I think this is a blowout.

Kansas City -7 @ Oakland

KC has possibly the best offense in the NFL, and Oakland may have the worst defense. This is not a good matchup for the Raiders. Blowout.

Bears -2 @ Broncos

This one speaks for itself. Chicago is our second-ranked roster and Denver is an average team. There is the effect of thin-air fatigue, but I don’t think that will have much of an issue.

Eagles -1 @ Falcons

Again, the Eagles are our number-1 ranked roster in the NFL, and a 1 point spread is an absolute bargain.

Cleveland -6.5 @ NY Jets

The Browns have a better offensive line, defensive line, secondary, and WR corps. This makes for a potential blowout. I am lower on the Browns than a lot of the national media, but I definitely think they’ll win this game by a large margin.

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