Is Dez Bryant Going to Retire?

After the Browns recently announced that they were putting Dez on the ‘backburner’, it seems like it could be an indicator of his imminent retirement. Dez has almost intolerable antics on the field, from screaming at his QBs to having tirades on the sideline. This makes him undesireable, and along with his insufficient worth ethic, provide justifiable means for passing on signing the ex-Cowboys receiver.

WRs with less skill are being signed by teams before Dez, solely because of his parasitic locker room presence, almost sucking the blood and energy from the team in his selfish rampage to attribute some sort of success to his production. This is not beneficial to a team; that is why players with less skill and athleticism are on NFL rosters.

The writing on the wall spells a possible end to Dez’s career. Could a injury to a WR cause a Dez signing, or will he just be destined for providing insight on postgame and pregame shows.

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