Best Fanduel NFL Sunday Million Lineup (Week 1)

This one is for all of my fellow DFS fanatics.

There are a bounty of high rewards players; the only question that remains: what is the risk?

I wanted to start this FanDuel season with a bang.

Deshaun Watson: I feel he will be able to, however unbelievably, take a step forward this season after almost a whole year to study the game. He also lit up New England last year, whose defense seemed to have gotten worse in the offseason. When New England gets new players on their defense, it takes time for Belichick’s zone system to begin to work (see: last year weeks 1-5).

Leonard Fournette: With the injury to Marqise Lee, the Jaguars will invariably have to put greater emphasis on the run game. Fournette had a great year last year for a rookie, and it should continue that this season too.

Dalvin Cook: Dalvin Cook was having an exceptional rookie year before he tore his ACL, and it is likely he returns to that form. SF had a poor run defense last year, and that is probably going to continue. All the signs point towards Cook having a good opening game.

Stefon Diggs: Diggs was the most targeted Vikings receiver in the redzone last year, and although there is a new quarterback, that is likely to continue, as Diggs has a wonderful ability to catch balls in the redzone.

Larry Fitzgerald: Fitz takes most of his snaps in the slot, meaning he won’t be covered by Josh Norman, who doesn’t switch to the nickel.

Devin Funchess: Funchess is likely to catch a lot of balls against this Cowboys cornerback group, whose tallest CB is 6’2″, but is not in the rotation.

David Njoku: The first round pick seems to be a favorite target in the redzone for both Tyrod and Baker.

Joe Mixon: Indianapolis was 25th in opponent rush yards per game and 31st in covering running backs in the passing game. Joe is a talented player likely to take advantage of these stats.

Dolphins D: They are facing an offense in Tennessee that doesn’t really seem impressive. Also, I’ll admit they were one of the only options on defense to have the rest of these talented players.


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