ARQ for the 2019-2020 Season has been updated

The time is finally here! The NFL season is returning, and that means it is time to release a list of our Adjusted Roster Quotient ranking all of the teams in the league based on roster.

The Eagles top this list for the second year in a row, showing an impressive roster along with the implementation of solid offseason acquisitions. Zach Brown tops this list on the defensive side of the ball, and DeSean Jackson provides a needed spacing element to the Eagles offense. The offense was extremely successful when they had Torrey Smith stretching the field, and now they have an even better deep-ball threat.

Next are the Chicago Bears, who have the best defensive ranking of any team in the league, and for good reason. The defense consists of the main piece, Eddie Jackson, who allows all of the cornerbacks to play aggressively, and then when you add the extremely impressive defensive line with Khalil Mack at the head, the QBs are forced to take the quick option (which the Bears defense is amazing at playing). Due to the roster of the defense being so amazing, I don’t think they will take a hit with Pagano rather than Fangio calling the plays.

We ranked the best offensive roster in the league as the LA Rams. This is not surprising, as they have a top-3 WR coprs, a top-10 offensive line, an MVP candidate at QB, and what some consider to be the best RB in football (although that was somewhat tarnished by the offseason performance last year, even though it’s entirely possible it was due to injury). The Rams just have a problem with their defense, especially in the run game. They have a bottom-3 run defense, which is extremely hurtful to a powerful offense that needs to see the field.

Surprisingly, we ranked the Titans as the best roster in the AFC. This of course does not mean that we believe the Titans are a lock to win the conference because the NFL consists of much more than just roster. Coaching, training, gameplanning, balancing workload and leisure, and luck all play into having a successful season. Now to the actual rationale. The Titans have a top-10 secondary, a top-5 offensive line, and good skill position players everywhere. I believe Mariota will take a large step forward this season. I do, however, think that the Colts are the best team in the AFC due to their coaching.

We were successful last year in our ARQ predictions, especially in the playoffs where we predicted 9 out of 11 games correctly just using the rankings, and successfully predicted the superbowl matchup and winner.

We look forward to giving our analysis this year, and also look forward to enjoying the unpredictability of a football season.

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